Family holidays in the Mekong Delta

On the first day the Family with three boys arrived in the late afternoon. After the check in and a cold drink on the VMD terrace they enjoyed the home made typical Mekong Delta Dinner with fresh ingredients from the local market. The sunset and the night with animal noises in the rural area were very refreshing for the whole family.

The next morning started with a Vietnamese Banh Mi Op La breakfast (bread with fried eggs) and the very tasty Vietnamese Ice coffee. After that the guests started a tour around the VMD hotel and garden so see the small jungle and the lakes in the area. From there they went straight to the local market to see the small shops, fresh fish and meat and fresh Mekong Delta typical fruits. A small oasis in the middle of nowhere. Even with some small rain drops it was an exciting small excursion with a lot of impressions from the local life. After a short break at a coffee shop along the street with some bananas, Jack fruit and some lychee all went back to the hotel to prepare for the seafood barbecue in the night with some cold drinks.

On the next morning the whole group went to our VMD boat tour. The boat we are using is a modified small and slim fisher boat which is very usual in the Mekong area. After the breakfast our friendly local guide picked the family up at the hotel and just about 100m walk the boat was waiting to bring the group on the river. The tour interrupted by some stops at the birds garden, different sightseeing and had the first break at a small town with a more than 300 years old very colorful cham temple. After visiting the temple the group went to the local market and had a traditional Vietnamese lunch, which is usually a rice dish or a noodle soup.

After a very eventful day around the Mekong Delta the family arrived back in the afternoon and enjoyed the various local dinner on the comfortable VMD terrace.

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