Romantic Couple holidays in Mekong Delta

At the beginning of December, the rainy season is almost finished we got visitors for a three day trip to our Eventhotel in the Mekong Delta.The couple did not know what impressions they will take back to Germany from their trip to the Mekong Delta. They arrived early morning by airplane. The VMD Eventhotel team was ready to shuttle them by motorbike to the hotel. Nevertheless they spent short time to Rach Gia city to have a breakfast, coffee and short trip to the local seafood, fruit and vegetable market.

After the check in to the VMD Eventhotel there was some time to relax before starting the home made lunch with fresh Chicken Salat, Rice soup and Spring rolls. In the afternoon a short Jungle tour and with the sunset the seafood barbecue was ready to enjoy seafood and some cold drinks on the VMD terrace.

On the next day after breakfast a sunny day started with the big boat tour, enjoying the nature, visiting the birds garden, the fishing harbor as well as the local fish sauce factory. “Really good, a friendly guide, great fun and all in all a wonderful boat tour”, Christian said.

The VMD Eventhotel is now in progress to define the culinary food menu based local ingredients mixed with a German spirit. All food is fresh cooked Mekong Delta food and homemade by our team. “5 stars for the food”,the couple said.

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