Our tours are individually accustomed to your needs and desires. We offer you a variety of fascinating activties:

Mekong Boat Tour

For thousands of years, the Mekong River has been the life blood for the inhabitants of the many towns situated along it’s banks.

Floating markets directly on the river, exotic fruits such as Dragon Fruits, and free undomesticated animals you might know only form the zoo introduce you to a lifestyle so different from what you know.

Our boat tour on one of the many arms of the Mekong offers you a unique opportunity to see, breathe and actually live in real Vietnam.

Bicycle Tour

Take a break from the hustle of the city. The small roads near our loft are rarely inhabited with cars or motorbikes. This gives you a quiet environment to discover with up to date bicycles.

You can travel to the local market, see innocent school children happy to greet you or follow water buffalos along the shores of the Mekong – not disturbed by anyone.

A bicycle tour is the ideal starting point for your trip to discover the remote Mekong Delta – fully away from any hustle, tourist center, but in the center of real Vietnam.

Local Cooking Courses

Indulge into the Mekong Delta cuisine with fresh ingredients and learn how to make traditional Vietnamese food yourself. In Mekong the people eat fresh vegetables, exotic fruits and a lot of fish sauce.

We have an extensive menu of possibilities to cook and individualise the cooking experience totally to your desire.

We have a cook book available, which  you can take home and experience the cuisine of the Vietnam Mekong Delta all over again.

You can practice your cooking skills beforehand. Click on the image to download it:



Imagine you could take a break from your busy schedule just for a few hours. Just lay back in the chair, waiting until the fishing rod reacts to the floundering movements of a fish on the hook – and a cold refreshments always at your side.

Near our cozy loft we have plenty of places, where this becomes reality. We offer you the tools as the local use it. With us even fishing is as authentic as it can get.

Walk to the local markets

Markets in Vietnam are mostly in the center of quarters and districts and therefore the center of human interactions. Even today, with the rise of Western styled supermarkets with fixed and labelled prices, markets seem to be the center of Vietnamese lives.

Markets in big tourist centers, such as Ho Chi Minh City, have already attracted tourist from all over the world. But in remote Mekong, local markets are still as authentic as possible. Supermarkets are just too far away. We guide you through the market and help you to make the right purchases.

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